Once more unto the breach dear Friends

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Once again I have got an alt to 85, this time it is Sylverlin the Mage who has finally reached level 85.  Levelling has been at time slow and frustrating as I have tried to avoid questing as much as possible and have instead inflicted LFD on myself many times.  Some groups have been fun others a real education in patients and learning to be thick-skinned.  I will start the gearing up process so I can inflict another horrifying experience on myself LFR.

This brings me to the point of this post.  Some of my alts have been through LFR many times now, and to be honest it can sometimes be hard to move without bumping into someones epeen being waved around. Before LFR came into existence I had thought that the behavior in Heroics was the pinnacle of epeen waving but then along came LFR to show that there was yet another level to this ego expanding pass time. It can be at time frustrating when you just want to go in to a raid and get the job done but can’t because someone has roadblocked the progress with their oversized ego.

I have found that those run carried out after the raid lock reset are normally the worst, as this is when the better geared players jump in to LFR to get more shiny purples and their VPs and to also show off how big their egos are. I have got to the point were I put up with  the longer queue times, and do LFR later in the week. The players may not be so well geared or be raking up massive amounts of dps but they are at least fairly pleasant. 

I just hope that in MoP Blizzard can revise their idea of bring the player not the class, to bring the player not the epeen.

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Wow have I been away this long

Just popped back to check on my blog and has it really been over a year since I lasted posted. Since my last post my number of level 85’s on Anachronos has now reached 8, with Sylverlins latest incarnation as a Blood Elf Mage currently sitting at 84. I have run many alts through the new heroics, and have even made it into LFR with all the fun and joy that it brings. I have been trying my hand at beta testing for MoP which is fun, but I am trying to not get to immersed in it as I don’t want to spoil my enjoyment of the expansion when it is released.  Currently Sylverlin is trying to get his Kirin Tor Familiar and only needs 2 more books.  He is also going for his Titanium seal of Dalaran, although I maybe so sick of the sight of coins it may get left in his bank.

Now I have rediscovered my blog I hope to keep up to date with my posts, and maybe get some screenshots of my alts on here soon.


Update: I finally got my Kirin Tor Familiar and my Titanium Seal of Dalaran, I am now doing my fishing dailes each day to try and get one of the fishing rods that drop in the goody bag.

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Who will be your main Cataclysm alt?

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As you will all have noticed the Cataclysm world events have started, this means it is a matter of weeks before we get to experience the new content.  If you are like me you will probably have more than one alt, which leads to the question who will be your main alt for Cataclysm.  Will you be sticking with your main WotLK alt, or have the recent class changes caused you to prefer a new alt.

For me I will be picking one main alt from my Alliance alts on Anachronos, and one from my Horde alts on Argent Dawn.  On Argent Dawn it will be between Kaelthalás the Warlock and Sylverlin the Death Knight.  I was hoping that Tanthalás the Paladin and my first alt on Argent Dawn, would be my Cataclysm main but I am still struggling with the recent changes to Pally tanking.

On Anachronos I have six level 80’s to choose from, out of which Galian the Arcane Mage, Tabias the Shadow Priest and Fróstbane the Death Knight are the best geared. One deciding factor may be their professions as I have covered just about every profession on Anachronos.  How the class now plays will probably come into consideration.  As I mentioned I am still struggling with the changes to Paladins which is a shame as I really enjoyed the class in the past.

So who will be your main alt after the shattering?

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Exploring Alonus

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Over the last few weeks my wife and I have not been on Argent Dawn as much as normal so I thought I would do a quick post to let everyone know what we had been up to.

When  I first started playing WoW I was on Anachronos,  I was vaguely aware of the other realms but had no contact with them. This changed with the introduction of the Dungeon finder. To begin with instances runs were fun, it was refreshing to not only get into instances quickly but to get to chat to people from other realms. As time went by the less sociable members of the other realms began to surface.

As my ignore list steadily grew I started to notice that some realms hardly appeared on my list at all.  One example of this was Alonus I found that players from this realm came across as being more sociable than others.  So the other day after another bunch of instance runs against the headless Horseman with the Cog of Doom,  I decided to venture across to Alonus to see what the realm was actually like.

I  created a  Blood Elf Hunter and a Death Knight and my wife created a  Blood Elf Priest and a Death Knight. The reason for the creation of the Death Knight was partly to help with the lower level alts finances and partly to see how the realm was for higher levelled players.

As our low levels alts ventured out into this new realm the first thing I noticed was how quiet the starter area was.  Silvermoon was almost deserted with only a few players being seen.  going through the portal to the Undercity revealed a slightly less deserted area, this was a shock after seeing how busy the cities are on Anachronos and Argent Dawn.  The next thing I discovered was how hard it was to get decent gear on the Auction House.  although there are a lot of materials for crafting in the auction house there is a massive shortage of crafted items.  As a result any alts on this realm will be almost completely dependent on Random drops, Dungeon loot and quest rewards for gear.

Moving on a bit from my first explorations of Alonus my Hunter is now level 25 and my Death Knight is level 72.  My wife got her Priest to level 64 and her Death Knight is still sat at 58.   We are still finding the realm is quiet and it is still hard to find anything of use in the Auction House (between level 72 and Level 80 there was only a handful of useful items for my Death Knight 😦 ). I have been leveling jewelcrafting and mining on my Death Knight, and Leatherworking and skinning on my Hunter.  And my wife is doing Inscription, Tailoring, Herbalism and Enchanting on her alts.  My impression of people from Alonus is still unchanged they come across as pleasant people.

My move to Alonus is not a permanent one and I will still be spending time on Argent Dawn and Anachronos.  After leveling alts with all the benefits that having level 80’s on a realm brings, My wife and I just wanted a bit of a challenge.  And certainly Alonus has proved to be challenging no heirlooms, and limited selection of gear has made leveling hard at times. But it has also helped us play are classes better as we have not been able to rely on high quality gear to help us do well.

So what will I do with these extra alts come Cataclysm?  I will keep them and probably use them from time to time after all you can never have too many alts 🙂

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Ninja of the Week

October 24, 2010 2 comments

Congratulations Eiletrouge from Darkspear you are this weeks winner, for your skillful demonstration of your ninja skills in need rolling on Robes of Arugal.  The way you so swiftly dropped group after collecting your loot was a truly masterful move.  I’m sure all that Intellect will help you greatly, plus the lovely black colour of the robes will undoubtedly help you stealth better.

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Blood Elf invasion of Vek,Nilash

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Here is what happens when it is 11.00am server time and only one realm is back up after maintenance.

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Are you prepared?

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Here is the intro cinematic for Cataclysm.

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